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School Days!

“The kids do a lot of the same things the Perry Preschool kids did back in the 60’s: They play, they paint, they build with blocks, and they nap. If you don’t know where to look, you wouldn’t see the job skills they’re learning. Yet they are learning valuable skills: how to resolve conflicts, how to share, how to negotiate, how to talk things out. These are skills that they need to make it through a day of preschool now. And they are skills they will need to make it through a day of work when they’re 30.”  

-“Preschool: The Best Job-Training Program,” NPR.


Preschool isn’t just about play time or a place you need to take your kids while at work. The foundations that are laid during these years will stay with your child for a lifetime. Our goal is to give them a strong foundation of skills and values that will see them through adulthood.

We believe in communication and making sure you are as much a part of this phase of your child’s growth and development as possible. Just because they are here with us for a few hours each day, you shouldn’t have to miss it. With that in mind we have created this new website for our preschool. Our goal is to make it as interactive as possible and allow you to see what happens each day, share with other parents and relatives and get information.

If you have suggestions or things you would like to see as part of this website, please e-mail us. You are also invited to visit our Facebook page and grow our circle of friends.

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Ahoy there!

Welcome to our new families who joined BBC preschool this fall. We have space for one more two year old and a few spaces for 3-5 year olds. Get in touch today to arrange a tour.

Welcome friends! We See You!

Navigating your new school We have a new digital check in/out system and have switched our communication to as paperless as possible. The students still have their own in/out check in system.  With time, the transition periods at the beginning and end of the day become routines that feel more natural. In the meantime, let us know what you need to make things go smooth for your child. Parents, please help yourself to a cup of coffee or tea and snack in the morning. We also try to send you pictures when the moment strikes and we just have to share something special about your child’s day as well as daily logs of lessons and events. You can always call and check in throughout the day. The classroom number is (831) 423-4015.

Please let a teacher know how it is going for you and if you’d like to plan a home visit we are more than happy to bridge that gap between home and preschool.


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Parent’s Corner

Kids D.I.Y. Workshops @ Home Depot

Looking for something different to do with your child that will teach them some valuable skills? What if it were FREE too? The Home Depot has a free, kids do-it-yourself workshop the first Saturday of every month. While these events are designed for ages 5 and up, there are some that are appropriate for the younger set as well. Check their kids workshop information for more details.

Parents just want to have fun too!

The Santa Cruz Downtown Association has partnered with local businesses downtown to offer special discounts every Tuesday night. Some require secret handshakes or just knowing in advance to ask if they are offering a discount. Check out to see if your favorite spot is on the list.

There are plenty of family friendly offerings so check it out! Now that summer is over, there are several businesses that offer Local Only discounts and specials. It is worth the extra effort to do a little research before you head out.

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Make new friends!

*We currently have a waitlist but will resume the referral program when space allows*

Invite a friend to come by and check out the school.

For every referral that enrolls, you will receive $50 off your next month’s tuition.

We will also give your friend 10% off their first month’s tuition!