The Volcano Erupts!

Our curriculum is thematically based. Each month there is one theme with a different emphasis within that theme each week.  All subjects (math, language, art, science, etc.) connect within the theme.

For example, May has an animal theme. Within that, different species and groups of animals are covered weekly:

Week 1 – Woodland Creatures
Week 2 – Jungle/Safari
Week 3 – Reptiles and Amphibians
Week 4 – Farm Animals
Week 5 – Dinosaurs

Dress up time

Our program is play-based. Children learn through play and play experiences. The curriculum is implemented through play structure. Children are allowed to explore and discover on their own. Teachers help prompt and direct topics and answer questions as they arise. Our teachers collaborated to create our curriculum plan and care deeply about making each day interesting and fun for every child. We do have a one hour “academic block” that includes circle time and structured math, science, language and art activities. There are also one-on-one and small group (2-3 students) learning activities throughout the day.

Tidepool creatures

An overview of the upcoming month’s theme is laid out in our monthly parent newsletter. The upcoming weeks themes and lessons are put into family cubbies each Friday as well as being posted on the bulletin board above the art wall.

Bible verses are included in the weekly theme.

View a sample curriculum plan for the week.

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